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The Plastic Oceans Initiative:

To Eradicate Single-Use Plastic And Save The Ocean From Its Fast-Approaching Demise

“One of the most important films of our time.”

Sir David Attenborough, on the Plastic Oceans film

“Plastic Oceans deserves the support and participation of all of us who hope to bequeath a livable world to future generations.”

Noam Chomsky, on Plastic Oceans

“Man-made plastics are endangering our oceans and sea life. Please join me in supporting the efforts of Plastic Oceans.”

Matthew Modine’s words of inspiration

Ready For Your New,
All-Plastic Diet?

300 million tons of plastic is produced a year.

8 million of that 300 million is chucked into the sea annually – which is equivalent to dumping a garbage truck (1 ton) of plastic into the ocean per minute.

You know those crab legs you enjoy when you have a nice dinner out? Or that escargot you splurge on? Or even that tilapia you regularly cook for dinner? And don’t forget the tuna sandwiches you take for lunch.

All of it will be more plastic than food as the years tick by. Fish eat the plastic we divulge into the ocean.

So guess what? By 2050, you’ll be eating plastic every time you order seafood.

We’re All Responsible

2 Things Stopping Us From Cleaning Our Ocean

“It’s all the corporation’s fault,” is what many tell themselves as they use plastic cutlery with their take-out. “The problem is too big for me to change,” they declare as they stuff their plastic bags under their kitchen sink.

See the issue? Nearly everyone thinks the same 2 things:




A Difference.

Every Single Person Is Responsible And CAN make a difference.

Your plastic footprint is larger than you realize.

Under your kitchen sink is a mass of wrinkled plastic bags.Every time you get a coffee from your favourite cafe, you’re given a single-use cup. And don’t forget the water bottles, pop cans, and juice boxes you collect over time.

Here’s how much plastic the average Canadian uses annually:


Plastic Bags


Single-Use Cups


Plastic Bottles



40 Billion

Take-Out Utensils Are Produced A Year

Over 500 Billion

Single-Use Coffee Cups Are Added To Our Landfills Annually

Stop Harming The Ocean

Drastically Reduce Your Plastic Footprint
With Our Reusable Kits

If everyone stopped using plastic cutlery, cups, and grocery bags, the sheer amount of plastic waste dumped into our sea would drastically decline.

So what should you do to help make this change? Begin using reusable items.

Wondering Where
Proceeds Go?

Kit proceeds go to national small grant programs that focus on cleaning up Earth’s waterways.

Are you a nonprofit organization or community group in need of a small grant? Apply today to begin the grant process.

How Education Encourages Action – Our Student Outreach Program

Knowing exactly what the problem is helps breed inspiration and determination – especially in youth.

Our Outreach program ensures the facts are known. We visit schools all over Canada and present all the grim details on the current state of our ocean.

Sponsor Canada’s Shorelines

Every $25 protects 1 kilometer of Canada’s shores. Lakes, rivers, ocean… it’s all important.

Garbage on the side of the road will find its way to water, and all water runs to the ocean.

Eradicating plastic impact in Canada helps clean up the rest of the world. Plastic likes to travel – let’s make sure it doesn’t get the chance.

When you donate towards a sponsorship, the following happens:

  • Shoreline clean-ups, which are open to the public
  • Education for communities and schools
  • Solutions for collected plastics. We process it and ensure it doesn’t become litter again.


We Need Volunteers

Want to help make a difference? We can never have enough volunteers – contact us today.

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