Our Organization

Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada was established in 2016 as a non-profit organization and a Registered Canadian Charity. It is part of a global organization with offices in the US (global headquarters, and Los Angeles), Chile, Mexico, and Europe.

Plastic Oceans Canada’s mission is to solve plastic pollution. Plastic Oceans Canada creates change by advocating for Canadian businesses to take impactful steps towards eliminating their plastic pollution footprint, driving towards implementation of changes with government, producers, recyclers and consumers and supporting and implementing programs to clean our coastlines.

Annually, over 300 million tons of plastic is produced around the world and unfortunately, more than 90% of that plastic is not recycled. Distressingly enough, much of that plastic ends up in our oceans with at least 8 million tons of plastic being dumped into the ocean each year. While plastic has become pervasive in our environment and homes, there are changes each of us can make to improve the situation.

Together, we can create a healthier ocean for a healthier you.


We envision a Canada without plastic pollution.


Plastic Oceans Canada’s mission is to solve plastic pollution. 


Change consumer behaviour, corporate and public policy, and foster solutions to plastic pollution.


The organization’s main goal is to  take an advocacy-based approach to influence municipalities to incorporate limitations on single-use plastics.  We will work with Canadian businesses to create changes in their plastic use to reduce plastic at the source. Additionally, we will continue to operate our annual Circular Economy Ambassador Program with a focus on finding ways to recycle, repurpose and reuse the plastic that is cleaned up while collecting valuable data. These focuses are broken down below. 


Encourage municipalities to have bylaws that ban the use of single-use plastics by partnering with the Canadian Federation of Municipalities. Connect with them  and key stakeholders to build a list of best practices. Create a  database of those municipalities that have created change with bans of specific plastics to mitigate plastic production and waste.  

Canadian Businesses

Plastic Oceans Canada will work with Canadian businesses to develop best practices for ways to eliminate, or reduce, plastic packaging. This will include a checklist of packaging best practices that Plastic Oceans advocates to reduce packaging and eliminate plastic at the source. It will be distributed as widely as possible to influence and encourage all Canadian producers to meet those standards. 

Circular Economy Ambassador Program

We will continue to operate and grow our annual Circular Economy Ambassador Program with the focus on collecting and analyzing data as well as identifying local solutions to divert as much waste from landfills. These solutions will form the basis of our local repository that can be shared across the nation for all clean up efforts.