Single-Use Plastics Go Out With a Ban

Did you hear? The Single-Use Plastics Prohibition Regulations (SUPPR) were officially released this week! After a long wait and multiple rounds of consultations with Canadians across the country, the federal Government presented the final version of the Regulations to ban six commonly-used plastics right here in Canada.   You might remember our blog back in […]

10 Questions With June’s #LocalHero Kate Pepler!

Today we’d like to highlight Kate Pepler, owner and CEO of the Tare Shop, a local zero-waste grocery store, coffee shop, and community space with locations in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! Join us today as we ask her about the steps to starting a zero-waste lifestyle and tips for how to reduce your waste […]

10 Questions with May’s #LocalHero Thomas!

Previously we have had local heroes that dove to the bottom of lakes to retrieve discarded items, or remove fishing nets, others have changed their industry by providing sustainable equipment, some have even shared personal quests to change their own impact on the world. This month, we are featuring Thomas a 6-year-old boy from Ontario […]

World Penguin Day   April 25th, also known to us as World Penguin Day, is a big day in the penguin calendar as it coincides with the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins. World Penguin Day is a day to recognize and raise awareness about these incredible flightless birds. Whilst Canada isn’t home to any penguins, […]

Preparing for Earth Day 2022!

On April 23, we will celebrate our home planet globally for Earth Day. Why is Earth Day important? It is an opportunity to take a moment and reflect on our wonderful planet, from our oceans to our mountains. Planet Earth is our home, and we should probably appreciate it more than just once a year! […]

10 Questions With April #LocalHero: Saltwater Sean!

Today we’d like to highlight Sean, a freediver in the Halifax area and the #LocalHero this month! Sean is a freediver and explorer on a mission to see what lurks beneath the oceans and lakes of Canada and to keep them clean! The main motive behind the Saltwater Sean page/project is to bring attention to […]

Reusable To-Go Culture

Image from theecobahn    I’m sure you are aware of the recent draft proposal to prohibit the use of certain single-use plastics. At the moment checkout bags, cutlery, food service ware, plastic ring carries, stir sticks and straws are all included in the draft. This is an awesome first step but we are aiming for […]

10 Questions With March’s #LocalHero: Kieryn Matthews!

Today we’d like to highlight Kieryn Matthews, Environmental Education Program Manager and the #LocalHero this month! Growing up on Coast Salish Territory surrounded by the ocean-inspired Kieryn’s love of nature and passion for sustainability. This led her to obtain a degree in Environmental Science from Simon Fraser University. Kieryn has almost seven years of experience […]

Plastic Alternatives Guide

Looking towards plastic alternatives   Have you heard the news? In December of 2021, a draft proposal was released that would ban six single-use plastic items. Following the release of the proposed Single-Use Plastic Prohibition Regulations the federal government has published a report to provide Guidance for Selecting Alternatives to the Single-Use Plastics. The guide […]

Sustainable Shopping; Which Grocery Bag is Best?

Image from We all know single use plastics are not environmentally friendly and with Canada’s single use plastic ban coming into play, hopefully they will become a thing of the past. However, despite the recent increase in awareness, the average Canadian still uses 700 plastic bags a year. What’s the actual impact of these […]