Federal Sustainability Development Strategy Response

Some interesting news and an opportunity to have your say in Canadian policy! The Federal Government recently released a draft of Canada’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2022 to 2026. This strategy will set the priorities in terms of environmental action for the next four years in Canada. It is a reflection of what environmental issues […]

World Penguin Day

  sciencefocus.com   April 25th, also known to us as World Penguin Day, is a big day in the penguin calendar as it coincides with the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins. World Penguin Day is a day to recognize and raise awareness about these incredible flightless birds. Whilst Canada isn’t home to any penguins, […]

10 Questions with February’s Local Hero, Shawn Bath

Today, we’d like to highlight Shawn Bath, founder of the Clean Harbours Initiative and this month’s #LocalHero! As a commercial diver for over 25 years, Shawn is known to be SUPER hands on when it comes to helping our environment and getting rid of nasty “ghost nets” that plague our waters. He has even been […]

Sustainable Shopping; Which Grocery Bag is Best?

Image from sampli.com We all know single use plastics are not environmentally friendly and with Canada’s single use plastic ban coming into play, hopefully they will become a thing of the past. However, despite the recent increase in awareness, the average Canadian still uses 700 plastic bags a year. What’s the actual impact of these […]

Creating Connections Through Creating Change

My name is Angela Riley and I am the founder of Scotian Shores, a shoreline cleanup social enterprise based in Nova Scotia. Scotian Shores officially started in August 2020 and became a business to help raise funds for our ongoing operations. We upcycle shoreline trash and end-of-life fishing gear to create mats, bracelets, baskets and […]

10 Questions with January’s Local Hero, Jeanine Sinclair

Today, we’d like to highlight Jeanine Sinclair, founder of the Plastic Free BC project and this month’s #LocalHero! As an Ocean Wise ambassador, she is known to do a TON for our environment and help others reach a more sustainable lifestyle. Her latest project aims to create a hub to discover zero waste and sustainable […]

It’s Time to Ban Together

Only 9% of plastic waste is recycled each year in Canada. The rest of the plastic used by Canadians (more than 2.6 million tonnes) ends up in a landfill or even as litter in our environment. The Canadian government has been developing a strategy to eliminate single-use plastics (SUPs) since June 2019 when Prime Minister […]

Wake up Canada! It’s Time to Face the Waste.

Every time you drink from a plastic bottle, rip open a food package and sip from a straw, do you wonder where they go afterwards? The youth are the future of Canada, therefore it’s never been more important to ensure they are well educated on the issue of plastic pollution. This year, Plastic Oceans Canada […]

Cleaning Up Our Oceans Plastic

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing initiatives that are currently helping to tackle the plastic problem in our oceans and waterways.   The Ocean Cleanup

10 Questions with November’s #LocalHero, Minaëlle Green

Today, we’d like to highlight Minaëlle Green, co-founder of the University of Ottawa’s Climate Crisis Coalition and this month’s #LocalHero! The new coalition aims to create awareness of the climate crisis, educate students about plastic pollution, biodiversity decline, and the impact of agriculture as well as fossil fuels on the environment. We asked Mina a […]