Navigating the Recycling System

Image from NS Packaging We live in a world that’s telling us to be greener, to care for the environment and to do our bit. Often, we hear that one of the best ways we can play as an individual is by recycling. Just to clarify, recycling is the process of turning waste materials into […]

The Problem with PVC

From With the heatwave this year, Canadians were heading to our lakes, rivers and oceans to cool off, and what’s a day on the water without an inflatable pool toy?! There’s nothing like cooling off on the lake, reclining on a huge inflatable unicorn or flamingo. Inevitably, that time of year is coming where […]

10 Questions with August’s #LocalHero

This month’s #LocalHero is Nancy Pearson, also known as @abagawalk on Instagram. Aside from keeping the beaches of St George’s, Newfoundland clean through her nonprofit, she is also an ambassador for the Eyesea app, which tracks ocean pollution worldwide. We asked her a series of questions to learn more about both of these projects, and […]

Moving Towards a More Sustainable Playtime

When we reflect on our childhoods, certain toys and the special memories we had with those toys often come to mind. That one Hot Wheels race track you spent hours with on a rainy day. Or maybe the Barbie Dreamhouse where Barbie spent many hours being both an astronaut and a princess. But have you […]

Ocean Friendly Nova Scotia: Business Recognition Program

Written By: Katherine Mataya, Coastal and Marine Project Coordinator at Coastal Action It’s no surprise that one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste comes from the food and beverage industry. In 2019, data from Adopt-a-Highway clean-ups found that 56% of the litter picked up within Nova Scotia came from food packaging. In a time when we’ve […]

Overfishing, Conservation, Sustainability, and Farmed Fish

Image by Coty Perry As with many other aspects of government policy, overfishing and other fishing-related environmental issues are a real problem, but it’s not clear that government intervention is the solution. Indeed, it might be one of the main drivers of overfishing and other conservation and sustainability issues stemming from commercial fishing. Much like drone […]

Mussels: The Ocean’s Living Filtration System

As late June and early July set new heat records across Canada, it is estimated that over one billion marine animals along the shores of the Salish Sea may have died from British Colombia’s heat wave alone. Intertidal animals left exposed on the shorelines during low tide were especially impacted. Notably, images of the tens […]

10 Questions with July’s #LocalHero

This month’s #LocalHero is Nick Curran. He is involved with the organization Scotian Shores, which sets out to clean up the shores of Nova Scotia as well as raise awareness on plastic pollution. We asked him a series of 10 questions to learn more about the work he does and how important it is. 1) Tell […]

Local Hero: Elena Kulikova

Elena Kulikova, 34, was a true believer in the possibility of a clean earth and a plastic free world. She carried the vision that every person can learn to be sensible with their waste usage and conscious of the impact their lives have on our eco system, especially their use of plastic on our oceans. […]