Circular Economy Ambassador Program

In September of 2021, Plastic Oceans Canada launched our Circular Economy Ambassador Program for the first time!

Thank you to all of the schools that participated this year! The program is now closed until next year. If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact us!

The plastic pollution crisis is one that is incredibly pervasive, but Plastic Oceans Canada is trying to fix that through direct action and education centered around creating a circular economy. With less than 10% of the world’s plastic produced being recycled, something more needs to be done. We commend those who take action through cleaning up our shorelines, but the unfortunate part is that much of what is collected ends up in landfills again, which inevitably makes its way back into our environment. Our goal is to create change through educating our young leaders of the future on the importance of a circular economy, which is why we’ve created the Circular Economy Ambassador Program. 

Engaging 200+ high school students across Canada in clean ups of local waterways 

Teachers will receive all resources required to facilitate clean ups, how to divert waste as well as                             bonus  curriculum specific to plastic pollution and                         the  importance of a circular economy.

Students are eligible to receive volunteer hours for their efforts!

Program Supporters

Special thanks to the organizations listed below for the support of this program.