From the Executive Director

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. We were extremely excited to hit the road and conduct our cross country tour alongside our good friend and national hero, Andy Sward at Million Bottle Pledge.

We were really looking forward to meeting all of you across Canada. Alongside organizations doing the great work to reduce plastic pollution, we were prepared to host cleanups and workshops, and feature next generation programs on how to value waste plastics and stop them from entering our oceans.

Yet alas, this global pandemic put a stop to our plans, like so many others around the world.
But that’s not to say we stopped, nor did the local organizations across Canada, nor did our Government from moving forward on progressive federal bans and us aligning with the Ocean Plastics Charter.

We are headed in the right direction!

Like the old African Proverb goes, “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

So, are you with us Canada?

If so, we hope you’ll keep us in mind during the holiday season! Keep reading to learn how you can make a difference this December!

4 Ways to Make a Difference During the Holidays

1. Sponsor a Kilometre

Give a meaningful gift this year and sponsor a km of shoreline! Did you know Canada has 243,042 km of coastline? The largest in the world? Canada is also home to approx. 2 million rivers and lakes with 20% of the worlds fresh water.

Help us keep these waterways clean by sponsoring our shorelines. Or better yet, sponsor in the name of a friend or family member, and receive a certificate in their name for the holidays! conditions apply*

2. Direct Action

What happens to the plastic waste collected from a cleanup? We recently announced our Direct Action plan focusing our cleanups on remote and uninhabited shores. Implementing circular economy solutions, we divert collected plastic waste from landfills and give them a second life or turn them into alternative fuels! 

Learn more about our plan by downloading our program PDF here. 

Leaders in this field,  Ocean Legacy and Surfrider Pacific Rim, have been working on these projects in Canada for quite some time. Watch our short explainervideo below and explore the process of remote shoreline cleanups.

3. Zero Waste Gifts

The holidays are upon us and what better way to spoil your loved ones than sourcing a zero waste gift that supports our efforts! Or make every purchase count through Trureal!

Graydon Skincare

Graydon Skincare is a local Canadian beauty line that is going above and beyond to eliminate plastic pollution from their product packaging. Leading by example, they’re now offering to donate $1 from each sale of select products to support Plastic Oceans Canada. Their aim for 2021? Sponsoring 1,000 KMs of Canadian shoreline!


Head over to Fenigo for all your zero waste needs. Shop through this link, and Fenigo will donate a percentage of proceeds to our efforts!

Vert Collection

How about the perfect reusable bottle or cup for that special someone? Vert Collection is your one stop shop for every shape and size. If you’d like to eliminate single-use plastics in your life, use our coupon code: PLASTICOCEANSCA for 10% off


Lastly, did you know you can make every purchase count towards supporting Plastic Oceans Canada, at NO EXTRA cost to you? All you need to do is download the Trureal app and link your purchases to Plastic Oceans Canada. No hidden fees. Every transaction you make helps us clean our Canadian waterways. Trureal is an easy way to generate your annual tax deductible donations with each purchase!

After downloading the app, link here to support our efforts with every purchase for free!

4. My Plastic Diary App

Canada’s moving into 2021 with forward progress on banning select single-use plastics. What better way to look at how YOU can be the solution than by downloading the My Plastic Diary App. Start your plastic-free journey today.

  • Track and reduce your plastic footprint.
  • Log all plastic items you buy and set goals.
  • Receive virtual awards and share your progress on social media to inspire others!


We hope everyone is well coming into the back-end of this trying and difficult year. Stay positive, keep healthy and please remember to take care of one and other!

From our team in Canada and abroad, Happy Holidays Everyone!

*For a limited time, available until December 9th, 2020. Additional fee of $5 covers printing and shipping.