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To Clean 1km Of Canada’s Plastic-Riddled Coastline

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“About 100 people helped with the cleanup Saturday. After volunteers grabbed pickers and bags, they combed the shoreline for every piece of man-made trash they could find…”

Adrian Midwood, in an interview for this Vancouver Sun article

“…just a year ago volunteers would have found many plastic straws. This year there were none, thanks to companies phasing out their use, but also a greater social awareness about waste and its impact…”

Adrian Midwood, in an interview for this CBC article

More beach cleanups like Second Beach’s can take place with your help.

There’ll Be More Plastic Than Fish By 2050 If We Don’t Make A Change Together

Canada’s Coastline Is 202,080km Long…

and it’s being buried under plastic waste – especially around high traffic areas, such as Vancouver Island’s beaches.

Not only is the sea’s coastline bogged down by plastic, but so are the beaches of Canada’s many bodies of water. Our rivers, streams, and lakes are all heavily affected by plastic pollution – and they all lead to our ocean.

There are 3 main ways plastic finds its way into our ocean:

It gets flushed down the drain—wet wipes, sanitary products, and even microfibres in our clothes are constantly being washed down the drain. Some face washes and toothpastes have microbeads in them – tiny plastic particles that are easily ingested by fish (which means we also eat microbeads every time we have seafood!).

People just toss it aside—it’s staggering how many people litter without a second thought. “I’m done my coffee/burger/pop, and there’s no bin nearby? Guess I’ll just toss it on the ground!”

Litter gets moved around quite easily. A good rainstorm can carry plenty of garbage towards the sewage system or nearby river, which ultimately leads to the ocean.

It escapes the landfill—you tried to recycle the plastic you’ve used. Unfortunately, plastic is lightweight and easily carted off by a strong breeze.

Once plastic reaches the ocean’s shore, it gets carried into the water by animals and the changing tides. Our plan is to intervene AT the shoreline before it becomes a bigger problem. Prevention is an effective way to tackle this problem.

The Plastic Oceans Initiative:

To Clear The Coast Of Plastic & Save The Ocean From Its Fast-Approaching Demise

We aim to reduce plastic entering our oceans
in Canada by 75% before 2025

How Much Does It Cost

To Clear Plastic From Canada’s Coast?

Psst… It’s Less Than You Think

“The problem is too big for me to change,” is one of the most common opinions when it comes to plastic waste. “Just me alone won’t do anything.”

But that’s not true.

Even just a single tax-deductible donation of $50 helps up to 5 kilometers of Canada’s coast. We’re able to exponentially multiply your donation because we facilitate community events where volunteers do the physical cleanup.

Not only does it give us the support we need to host community cleanups, but your donation also brings in the following:
  • Trucks to cart the waste
  • Burlap sacks
  • Gloves for all volunteers
  • And other supplies as required


Your donation also helps support:
  • Education for communities and schools (learn more about our outreach program here).
  • Solutions for collected plastics. We process it and ensure it doesn’t become litter again.


Coastline cleanups are efficient and cost-effective, and it’s not just for corporations. You can make a difference and clean up your 5km of coast today!

You can support the cleanup of 5km of the coast for $50, or pick another amount of kilometers to sponsor

Remember, you can help clean up 1km of coastline for only $10!