Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada was established in 2016 as a non-profit organization and Registered Canadian Charity. It is part of a global organization with offices in the US (global headquarters), Chile, Mexico, and a new office in Europe.

The purpose of the organization is to raise awareness about plastic pollution. This is accomplished through the creation of awareness initiatives developed around film and other content targeting school children, policy awareness, and consumer behavior.

Annually, over 300 million tons of plastic is produced. More than 90% of that plastic is not recycled! Distressingly, much of that plastic is ending up in our oceans, with at least eight million tons of plastic being dumped into the ocean each year.

While plastic has become pervasive in our environment and homes, there are changes each of us can make to improve the situation.

Together, we can create a healthier ocean for a healthier you.

Our Vision

An end to plastic pollution.

Our Mission

Inform, inspire, and incite action to solve plastic pollution.

Our Goal

Change consumer behaviour, corporate and public policy, and foster solutions to plastic pollution.