British Columbia Database of Local Organizations Working on Plastic Pollution Initiatives

OrganizationTypeInitiative TitleContactDescriptionResources
Ocean Legacy CharityThe Plastic Problem 1. Marine Debris Soultion Centre
2. Mapping Ocean Plastic Hotspots
3. Cleanup Expeditions
4. Plastic to fuel technology
5. Plastic packaging to packaging/ art/products
Have online toolkit for change
Marine Derbis Solutions Handbook
Educational Curriculum (coming soon)
Fraser Riverkeeper CharityFraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance Coalition dedicated to finding colutions to the issue of ongoing illegal dumping in Chilliwack
Georgia Strait Alliance CharityClean Marine BCFocuses on the waste coming from boats - educating boaters on how to properly dispose of and reduce marine debris
Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)Organization Waste CommitteeTo solve the current waste crisis, SPEC's Waste Committee advocates for three main components to divert products from the waste stream and works on projects which help meet these goals:
1. Reducing our waste
2. Re-using
3. Recycling
Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD)Grocery delivery company Single Use Packaging Is Out
Reusable SPUD Bins
Freezer Jackets
Sustainable Meal Kit Packaging
Pilot testing reusable produce bags and in the process of testing reusable takeout containers
Living Oceans Society Charity Clear the Coast Coastal clean up along the coast of British Columbia
Clyoquot Clean Up Charity Works within the Clayoquot Sound targeting the removal of accumulated pollutants (plastics) and emergency oil spill clean up
Surfrider Foundation (Chapters Vancouver, Vancouver Island & Pacific Rim) Charity Rise Above Plastics To reduce the impacts of plastics
Activists Toolkits for detailed tips and ideas
Ocean Wise Charity Plastic Wise [email protected] Take the pledge

Challenge with #BePlasticWise

Plastic research, Sea lion rescue and Plastic reduction
Ucluelet Aquarium Aquarium Marine Debris Initiative [email protected] The Marine Debris Initiative at the Ucluelet Aquarium began in 2017 through community funding and passionate staff. Each month, our Marine Debris coordinator leads a microplastic survey on one of our local beaches to measure the amount of microplastics in the sand. We collect data for a full year, releasing quarterly and annual reports of our findings. We engage citizen scientists from our communities to help us along the way, getting locals and visitors involved and creating opportunities for education both in and out of the aquarium. The aquarium displays some of our findings in our Marine Debris exhibit, where you can also find information about alternatives to plastic, plastic free living, threats to marine life, and more.The aquarium has a growing resources page with several sections on local marine species, plastic free living, and information on the results of our microplastic surveys. You can find the page here:

Contact us if you would like to join our surveys, or for more information about plastics in the Ucluelet area.
Fishing for PlasticOrganization[email protected]Our mission is to wake people up to the issue of ocean plastics by launching community events, Fishing for Plastic competitions, and inspiring people to become involved in the process of learning more about plastic pollution and how they can do their part to bring change into their community.