Nova Scotia Database of Local Organizations Working on Plastic Pollution Initiatives

OrganizationTypeInitiative TitleContactDescriptionResources
Ecology Action Centre CharityCreated a petition and a movement in the province with support from the public to ban single-use plastics and endorse Extended Producer Responsibility for thin film plastics
Nova Scotia Environmental Network Water Caucus

Environmental and Sustainability Education Caucus
Overarching environmental organization that has a membership database connecting organizations throughout Nova Scotia.

W- Identifying common issues so that action can take place as well as representing and facilitating collaboration between a diverstiy of groups

E&S - To raise the profile of environmental and sustainability education in Nova Scotia through increasing understanding, capacity, and communication among environmental organizations and their partners in order to maintain ecological integrity and sustainable communities
Lake City Works Business LakeCity Plastics [email protected]LakeCity Plastics is committed to transforming the problem of plastic waste into durable, innovative, and beautiful products. Their plastics team transforms plastic lumber made from recycled film plastics into a line of beautifully robust outdoor furniture, built to last a lifetime. Each picnic table diverts over 10,000 plastic bags away from landfills.
Oceans WeekAnnual eventFostering ocean solutions[email protected]Aims to connect the ocean community to promote greater awareness and advocacy for the benefit of local and global oceans, ourselves and future generations.