Ontario Database of Local Organizations Working on Plastic Pollution Initiatives

OrganizationTypeInitiative TitleContactDescriptionResources
Plastic Free GuelphOrganizationA group of peer dedicated towards making Guelph plastic free
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper OrganizationMicroplastics Helping protect communities that rely on Lake Ontario as a resource
Toronto Eco StrawCharity Plastic Straws Given away 10,000+ free reusable straws
Funded by donations
Toronto Environmental Alliance Charity Waste ReductionTEA works to create a waste free future for Toronto. Reducing, reusing, recycling and composting our waste uses fewer natural resources, generates less greenhouse gas emissions, and creates good green jobs.
Campaigns and Resources:
Ontario Food & Organic Waste Framework
Zero Waste Toronto
Toronto's Long Term Waste Strategy
Farm'rBusinessReusable Container Program for Waste-less Take-out How It Works

Pay a $4.00 deposit for our reusable container when you order any plate at Farm’r

Plus, we’ll give you a $0.50 discount for not wasting a disposable container

Return your reusable container (dirty or clean) and get a $4.00 refund

That’s it. It works just like the deposit you pay at The Beer Store. When you bring it back, you get your deposit returned.

If you bring your own container we’ll give you a $0.50 discount on any Farm’r plate
Great Lakes Refill Co. Business Reduce Plastic Waste [email protected]Giving their community the option to have access to bulk refill

Sustainable solutions for grocery. home and life.
Ottawa Riverkeeper Charity Ban the Bead Conducted research on microplastics in the Ottawa River as well as information on how to reduce plastic waste and use
Plastic Free Greater Sudbury Grassroots not-for-profit (not registered)Group of citizens who share a vision of Sudbury as a single use plastic-free community

20 local establishments demonstrate public support
Recycling Council of Ontario OrganizationPlastic Action Center Independent open-source repository that was developed by RCO
A Greener Future Charity Love your lake
Zero Waste 101
Litter Art
[email protected]Each year we embark on an adventure along the shores of Lake Ontario. Starting in Niagara-on-the-Lake we work East towards Kingston, Ontario completing 100 litter cleanups along the way.

Zero Waste 101 - Learn how to reduce the amount of waste in your community, business and household
Wast Auditing and Consulting Services

Informational videos about going Zero Waste in your home available on their website
Moose Riverkeeper CharityThere are many threats to the Moose River Watershed including dams, fish and wildlife contamination, logging, climate change, mining, pesticides, and local sewage treatment and runoff
Georgian Bay Forever Charity Microplastics

Summer Shoreline Cleanups
[email protected]Physically divert microplastics/microfibres from entering our water at the source.
Engage the community in hands-on clean up
Provide the public with information on what microplastics are, why they are so harmful to the water and animals, how they affect the water quality and lastly, to provide practical tips they can employ easily to prevent their own advancements to the issue
Microplastic Pollution 101

Brochure on microplastics, and 10 tips on what you can do to decrease the plastic pollution entering the waters