Say No To Single-Use Plastic

It’s hard to phase out plastic bags, cutlery, and cups because they’re so accessible.

The problem is that this single-use plastics also have our ocean and environment in a strangling grip.

If we don’t stop using them, the ocean’s days are numbered.

Here’s one solution – reusable cups, cutlery, and bags.

zero waste products that support plastic oceans

Great stores offering you the best in reusable items, while contributing a percentage of proceeds to our efforts.


When you shop through this link, Plastic Oceans Canada receives a percentage of the sale!

Purchase reusable items from


Purchase reusable stainless steel water bottles from Vert Collection!

Use our coupon code for 10% off: PLASTICOCEANSCA


Graydon Skincare will donate $1 CAD per unit sold of:

Facefood 100ml, Intimacy Oil 100ml, Superfood Serum 30ml, Fullmoon Serum 30ml, Bamboo Sponges.

Trureal app

Support us with every purchase through the Trureal App!

Download here and start giving at no cost to you from great online stores. 


Shop for coral reef safe suncare products at Stream2Sea! Shop through our link and Stream2Sea will donate 20% of the proceeds from your purchase.


norm + noble

Ocean-first apparel designed with our planet in mind. Made from materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester from things like plastic bottles. Up to $6 per garment sold is donated directly to Plastic Oceans Canada.


Roundup app

Donate the spare change from your credit or debit card purchases allows us to provide plastic pollution education and clean remote shorelines!


Our Reusable Products

Small actions can yield massive results.

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