Every challenge brings new opportunity. 2020 has definitely offered everyone an opportunity, that’s for sure.

We’ve all had a tough year and moving into 2021 will hopefully bring us a new light, a new way of operating and new opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities, here’s a few we’ll be offering in the new year. All made possible by everyone who donated to our continuing efforts.

Small Grants for Schools with Our Global Rethink/Refill Mandate

We’re so excited to announce a small grants program for schools to engage with our new Circular Economy project! We’ve been awarded a grant to build out a basic starting point of a Precious Plastic machine. These machines will be operated by a student group, led by our director of Education, Tim Stephenson.

In January, we’ll announce how schools can apply for our small grants program which will include clean-up supplies, refillable bottles to eliminate single use plastic, data collection protocols and money for transporting the collected clean-up materials to our circular economy machines. As a result, the plastics students clean up will be made into second life products here in Canada!

Rethink – By educating students on how to value waste plastics and physically create second life products.

Refill – All participating students receive complimentary refill bottles. Effectively eliminating single use plastics.

Blue Communities and Remote Shorelines

Plastic Oceans International is making a big change in 2021 and we can’t wait to take part here in Canada!

Within the next two years we aim to work with:

  • 250 communities
  • 1,000 members
  • 10,000,000 people directly WORLDWIDE

What does that mean for Canada? As part of our Direct Action program, we are seeking 3 communities to start working with on our remote shorelines to start our proof-of-concept stages.

One on the East Coast, One in the Arctic, and one on the West Coast.

While travel restrictions and social distancing are still in place, we will start these relationships with an initial trial small grant. These grants direct purpose will be to quantify:

  • What is arriving on these shores?
  • What plastics are at end of life, and which can re-enter the circular economy?
  • What resources are required for larger extractions?

If you would like to learn more about the Blue Communities initiative, take the chance to see the free downloadable PDF.

MyPlasticDiary Workshop

Canada is #1! We are entering 2021 with our long-awaited bans on single use plastics, NATIONWIDE!

While this is an excellent head start, we welcome everyone to join us on December 28 for an interactive ZOOM conference look at how to use our new partners app, MyPlasticDiary.

This is a FREE event. We are hosting to simply welcome everyone abroad and hear any questions you may have for our upcoming plans in 2021.

Spots are limited to join online through ZOOM, so please make sure to reserve your spot with a ticket from Eventbrite.

Thank you all for your continuing support through this difficult year, we very much look forward to kick starting 2021 with a bang and make some change!