How You Can Help

There are three different ways you can help save our oceans

1. Stop Harming The Ocean

Drastically Reduce Your Plastic Footprint
With Our Reusable Kits

If everyone stopped using plastic cutlery, cups, and grocery bags, the sheer amount of plastic waste dumped into our sea would drastically decline.

So what should you do to help make this change? Begin using reusable items.

Wondering Where
Proceeds Go?

Kit proceeds go to national small grant programs that focus on cleaning up Earth’s waterways.

Are you a nonprofit organization or community group in need of a small grant? Apply today to begin the grant process.

2. Sponsor Canada’s Shorelines

Every $25 protects 1 kilometer of Canada’s shores. Lakes, rivers, ocean… it’s all important.

Garbage on the side of the road will find its way to water, and all water runs to the ocean.

Eradicating plastic impact in Canada helps clean up the rest of the world. Plastic likes to travel – let’s make sure it doesn’t get the chance.

If you donate and you live near a certain section of shoreline, we focus on that section with the funds you give.

When you donate towards a sponsorship, the following happens:

  • Shoreline clean-ups, which are open to the public
  • Education for communities and schools
  • Solutions for collected plastics. We process it and ensure it doesn’t become litter again.


3. Our Student Outreach Program – How Education Encourages Action

Knowing exactly what the problem is helps breed inspiration and determination – especially in youth.

Our Outreach program ensures the facts are known. We visit schools all over Canada and present all the grim details on the current state of our ocean.