Key Education and Plastic Solution Initiatives for 2019

Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada (POFC) is seeking businesses to partner with in 2019. POFC focuses on education and awareness to inspire transformative change to stop the 8 million tons of plastic that is entering our oceans every year.

We are providing the tools for all Canadians and visitors to go plastic free. POFC’s aim is to partner with businesses as an avenue to access the significant tourism market in B.C.

Given their substantial environmental footprint, we aim to educate tourists by providing plastic-free options and an offering, that they can do their part through donations. Your sponsorship is key to enable POFC to achieve its ambitious goals.


POFC Priorities:

1. Extend our outreach through school/community presentations and resources:

  • 22 minute school version of A Plastic Ocean (from Netflix documentary)
  • In school Educational Resource Pack (with additional activities and workshops)
  • Student “Social Enterprise” resource to create a business plan while developing critical thinking and writing skills.
  • New 40 minute video/ or in person delivery of a presentation on POFC’s work, who we engage locally and the latest solutions emerging globally.
  • Video-Conferencing/ or in person Q&A session with an Ambassador.
  • Audit on waste plastic generation and footprint reduction options.

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2. Eliminate Single Use Plastics and provide people, schools and businesses with the tools to succeed – for home, work and travel:

  • With more municipalities implementing a single-use plastic ban, we aim to empower people with the tools to be part of the change and make an impact
  • There is the opportunity to support our mission to reduce single-use plastic efforts by selling plastic-free packs. Please contact [email protected] to order.

Phase out the Bag: $30

  • 2 X S, M and L re-usable produce bags
  • Natural Linen Shopping bag, limited Plastic Oceans edition (option for co-branding available with additional charge)
  • Plastic Free Travel $30 (includes shipping) For work, school, travel.
  • 8 Piece bamboo cutlery set – Knife, fork, spoon, straw, chop-sticks, straw, straw cleaner
  • Collapsible coffee cup.
  • Pack options: Order to assist in fundraising and initiate personal change. Please contact [email protected] to order.
  • Shipping will be based on volume
  • $30 each
  • 50 – 100 packs $27.50 each
  • 100 – or above, packs $25.00 each

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3. Pilot our small grants through a flagship program, location TBD

  • Income generating opportunities for the local organization.
  • Local processing of waste plastics found on clean-ups and generated in town to produce a range of items such as local interest collectibles and branded recycling collection bins.
  • Tourist point of interest and related engagement opportunities.
Contact us to Learn More or to Apply for a Small Grant.

4. Create a national database listing all organizations who work locally on waste plastics and are developing solutions across Canada.

  • This will be the main resource for information on plastics in Canadian oceans and will be available to anyone interested in local issues, including academics, students and policy experts.
  • If you know of any specific local plastic initiatives and organizations, please contact us to assist us in building our database of active organizations.

Please not to include:

  • Name of Org
  • Type of business (NPO, Business, Government):
  • Location of project (City, Province):
  • Contact person:
  • Phone number:
  • e-mail address:
  • Specifics of the project (2-3 sentences)

Our History

Following the release of the award-winning film “A Plastic Ocean”, POFC was federally incorporated as an NPO in November 2016. Then in April 2018, POFC was awarded Charitable Status in Canada to commence our work nationally, focused directly on waste plastics in our oceans.

Plastic Oceans now has offices in the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile (as part of the Plastic Oceans International group in North America) as well as, the UK, Hong Kong and Australia, making this a truly global initiative for change and enabling opportunities for coordinated international action.

Now under new leadership, POFC has appointed Adrian Midwood as Executive Director.

Adrian is originally from BC and discovered his love for the ocean on our home shores while working in Tofino. First as a surf instructor and then as a Whale Watch skipper, before sailing away and spending the majority of the past 15 years on the Island nations of the South Pacific.

For the past 7 years Adrian has worked directly on waste plastic remediation programs such as:

  • developing government programs for Fiji and Tonga on education and waste collection
  • building infrastructure and job creation for local rural communities centered around valuing plastics
  • social enterprise valuing waste plastics to prevent them from entering our ocean
  • creating voluntourism opportunities for people to get engaged on the ground
  • A TEDx youth talk
  • collaborating with most major international NGO’s and foreign embassies based in the South Pacific on frameworks for waste plastic remediation.

In preparation for taking on this role, Adrian recently finished an extensive school tour across B.C. He reached 5,210 students, giving 28 presentations at 17 schools. This tour has created engagement and momentum for action in B.C. and has positioned POFC to expand its impact in the province and nationally. It has also enabled us to deepen our knowledge of the various groups working in this space.

To learn more about our team please visit our Team Page

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