2020 is almost here, and we’ve set our resolution! Have you?

We will be setting out on a cross country tour with the Run Against Plastic.

We have teamed up with someone we think might just be one of the most inspirational Canadians we’ve met.

Andy Sward from @millionbottlepledge has run across Canada 3 times now, picking up bottles and cans. For 2020 he has offered us the chance to work alongside him and host community events, workshops and clean-ups across our great nation.

This will be a 6 month journey, where we can effectively say will be Canada’s largest consolidated clean-up in history.

To make this a success, we need your help! 

To ensure we are able to bring assistance and work in your province, please Offset Your Plastic Footprint. All proceeds will enable us to execute events in your home province, keeping our shorelines clean.

Let’s make this the year of collaboration. 

If you know of a great local organization we can work with in your town, please e-mail [email protected] to add them to our database. We want to support as many on the ground local initiatives along the way, so we can learn from them on what is needed across Canada to ensure our country stays beautiful.

If you’re motivated to help us and do your part, get on board and be part of the solution.

Run Against Plastic 2020

Canada’s largest clean-up in history

Join us for a national tour following Andy Sward and his 4th time running across Canada cleaning up litter across our beautiful country.

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