Alberta Database of Local Organizations Working on Plastic Pollution Initiatives

OrganizationTypeInitiative TitleContactDescriptionResources
Plastic-Free YYC Non-profit OrganizationBan the Bag YYC
Last Straw Calgary
ReConstruct YYC
[email protected]Plastic-Free YYC is Calgary's leading voice in zero waste and plastic free living helping Calgarians to reduce single-use plastic waste and create a circular economy. Our three-tiered approach of engagement -- inspiring individuals, collaborating with businesses, and working with municipal leaders -- is how change will happen. Our fully volunteer-run team is comprised of experts who are passionate about raising awareness of the overall impact of plastic on our community and our planet. Plastic-Free YYC Is behind the successful Zero Waste Festival!
Little Plastic Footprint Business Watched A Plastic Ocean
Became inspired to reduced their plastic use
Opened an online store in 2019 - donates 10% of profits to charities
Supports Plastic-Free YYC
Waste Free EdmontonGrassroots organizationSingle-Use Plastics Bylaw
School Program
Fashion Waste
Straw Campaign
Grassroots organization that is working to significantly reduce the amount of waste created in Edmonton, with an initial focus on single-use disposable items
Mission: Reduce waste generated in Edmonton by engaging with government, businesses, organizations and citizens