National Database of Local Organizations Working on Plastic Pollution Initiatives

OrganizationTypeInitiative TitleContactDescriptionResources
Environmental Defence CharityTowards a Zero Plastic Waste Canada Created a petition to urge the Canadian government to zero plastic waste by 2025
Waste Reduction Week in Canada CharityWaste reduction Year-round Program, focused solely on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency and waste reduction

Celebrate the environment while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions

Formalized by Recycling Council of Ontario

Coalition of not-for-profit environmental groups and governments from provinces and territorial jurisdictions
Zero Waste Canada

(Zero Waste International Alliance)
CharityZero Waste Facility Certification

Zero Waste Event Certification

Zero Waste 101
Zero Waste Canada works from the bottom-up, engaging communities, businesses and government entities in the transition away from the linear economy, and end-of pipe remedies such as landfill and incineration, towards the circular/sharing economy, with front-end solutions under Zero Waste.
David Suzuki Foundation CharityPledge for Zero Waste Pledge with the goal of 10,000 signatures

Has 10 different proposed actions that the individual can adopt
Sierra Club of Canada Charity There's a Problem with Plastics Calls to action
Ways to participate in your own community
Tool kit and resources for communicating with local governments and manufacturers
Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Food-service (LEAF)Non-profit food-service certification program Plastic-Free Dining Challenge [email protected]How to participate in LEAF’s Plastic-Free Dining Challenge:

• Fill out the form at the bottom of this page

• Take an inventory of your single use plastic using our form

• Consider one or more items to focus on finding more sustainable replacement (or eliminate all together!). We suggest starting with eliminating plastic straws, stir sticks, burger sticks, and ramekins, or replacing with more sustainable options if needed

• Communicate your efforts by posting one of our social media messages:

Dine with us and help the oceans! We’ve joined LEAF’s #PlasticFreeDining Challenge to reduce our use of single use plastics. #DoingOurPart

We make reusables look good! We’ve joined LEAF’s #PlasticFreeDining Challenge to reduce our use of single use plastics. #ReusablesAreSexy