This children’s book about plastic in our oceans communicates this devastating environmental problem to young children in an entertaining and educational story that empowers them to make a difference by influencing the adults in their lives and by taking action to become champions for our oceans. More details on the book can be found at Ocean Champion Website 

In the story, Kai, Morgan, and their new friend Botley, a plastic bottle that the children rescued from being washed into the ocean, go on a journey of discovery about the importance of our oceans and the impacts that plastic debris is having on marine animals, either through external entanglement or through plastic ingestion. The story presents the sad facts in a way that doesn’t overwhelm. The child characters learn and accept and then go on to do something about plastic in our oceans, inspiring readers to also become agents of change. An appendix and the website provide more information, including actions and projects to reduce our use of plastic, additional information, and teaching aids, which furnish readers with ways to immediately start helping and teachers and parents with follow up activities. Via grants, the book has been translated into Indonesian and Spanish for free distribution to schools in Indonesia and Mexico. Ocean Champions is a non-profit, environmental project and proceeds will go towards producing the book on other languages for distribution to schools in other developing countries.

Run Against Plastic 2020

Canada’s largest clean-up in history

Join us for a national tour following Andy Sward and his 4th time running across Canada cleaning up litter across our beautiful country.

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