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Offset Your Plastic Footprint & Help Defeat The Age Of Plastic Pollution


$49 / year

This Hero supports our initiative to:

  • Curb plastic pollution
  • Educate communities with workshops and presentations
  • Clean-up ocean shores
  • Bring in local processing partners

This tier receives 1 free admission to a community event or workshop near you.


$99 / year

The Rockstar encompasses the Sidekick tier, plus receives a care package of supplies to eliminate plastic pollution in their life.

The package is valued at $50 and includes:

  • 3 reusable produce bags
  • 1 reusable grocery bag
  • 1 reusable cup
  • Reusable cutlery set

This tier also receives:

  • 1 free admission to a community event or workshop near you
  • 50% off 1 full-day field trip in your area


$169 / year

The Superhero merges the Rockstar and Sidekick tiers, plus supports larger clean-up operations and the extraction of marine litter from remote areas.

This tier also receives:

  • 1 free admission to a community event or workshop near you
  • 50% off 1 full-day field trip in your area
  • 20% off any multi-day expeditions worldwide

Your plastic footprint is larger than you realize.

Here’s how much plastic the average Canadian uses annually:


Plastic Bags


Single Use Cups


Water / Soda Bottles



Offset Your Plastic Footprint

Become a Plastic Oceans Hero today.

40 Billion

Take-Out Utensils Are Produced A Year

Over 500 Billion

Single-Use Coffee Cups Are Added To Our Landfills Annually

There’ll be more plastic than fish by 2050 if we don’t make a change together.

Canada’s Only Registered Charity Offering A Plastic Offset Program

There is no governing body to certify plastic offsets in Canada. So, we decided to make an offset program available for those who want to help save our planet from a plastic demise.

This program contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The most notable goals we contribute to are #12, #14, and #17.

Don’t Be A Villain: Go Plastic Neutral & Offset Your Footprint

What does it mean to be plastic neutral?

It means you’re making a considerable effort to not use plastic in your daily life while supporting the clean-up of plastic debris in our oceans.

Plastic Oceans Heroes help curb plastic pollution. They make it possible for us to carry out our initiatives to educate the community and clean our shores.

They also offset their own plastic footprint by using non-plastic alternatives, such as reusable:

  • Bags
  • Cutlery
  • Cups


Canada’s Coastline Is 202,080km Long…

and it’s being buried under plastic waste.

Not only is the sea’s coastline bogged down by plastic, but so are the beaches of Canada’s many bodies of water. Our rivers, streams, and lakes are all heavily affected by plastic pollution – and they all lead to our oceans.

There are 3 main ways plastic finds its way into our oceans:

1. It gets flushed down the drain – wet wipes, sanitary products, and even microfibres in our clothes are constantly being washed down the drain. Some face washes and toothpastes have microbeads in them – tiny plastic particles that are easily ingested by fish (which means we also eat microbeads every time we have seafood!).

2. People just toss it aside – it’s staggering how many people litter without a second thought. “I’m done my coffee/burger/pop, and there’s no bin nearby? Guess I’ll just toss it on the ground!”

Litter gets moved around quite easily. A good rainstorm can carry plenty of garbage towards the sewage system or nearby river, which ultimately leads to the ocean.

3. It escapes the landfill – you tried to recycle the plastic you’ve used. Unfortunately, plastic is lightweight and easily carted off by a strong breeze.

Once plastic reaches the ocean’s shore, it gets carried into the water by animals and the changing tides.  Our plan is to intervene upstream from the coast before it becomes a bigger problem. Prevention is an effective way to tackle this problem.

Want Your Business To Be A Super-Business?

Help Us Eradicate The Plastic Epidemic

Not eligible to be a Hero because you’re a business? Well, good news! You can pledge your business as a Plastic Oceans Super-Business and help us make our oceans plastic-free.

All businesses are different. As such, we recommend you contact us for a direct consultation to customize what you get in return.

We try to look at each business from 2 angles:

  • Number of employees that could be heroes
  • Pounds of plastic waste generated through the operation

All businesses will require a friendly audit on your plastic footprint to asses the best path for your business to become a Super-Business.

The First Super-Business: 100 Brand Water

100 Brand Water is an early adopter in offsetting their plastic footprint.

We Need Heroic Volunteers!

Want to help make a difference but can’t pledge as a Hero? We never have enough volunteers – contact us today.

For more volunteer information, visit here.

Join the nationwide roadside clean-up in honour of our postponed Run Against Plastic!

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