Red Campaign Hat – Make Canada Clean Again


Buy a hat and support the circular economy with repurposed plastics (it’s made of recycled PET).

  • What does it support? Remote and uninhabited shoreline clean-ups either accessed by road, or funds permitting, by chartered boat to access the most vulnerable coasts. This ensures social distancing and achieves a normally unattainable deliverable.
  • Point of difference? All debris will be locally processed in Canada into alternative fuels and second life products. The fuel made, will power the vehicle(s) either boat or truck, used to access these shores. All value plastics will be made into second life consumer goods.
  • Long game? Our achievements this year will contribute to a complete proof of concept and viability report to set a realistic budget for tackling all of Canada Coast to Coast to Coast.


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1 red “Make Canada Clean Again” trucker hat

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Dimensions 27 × 21 × 3 cm