Shopping Bag


  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – Each reusable bag is made of tear resistant 100% cotton.
  • SUSTAINABLE & SAFE – Our bags are BPA, lead, and mercury free. One reusable grocery bag saves up to 1000 plastic bags.
  • SUPER PORTABLE – Lightweight and easily carry your groceries, cosmetics, shoes, school lunches, office supplies or kids’ toys around. Our cotton bags are easy to travel with and don’t take up much space as they can be folded for easy storage.
  • WASHABLE – Machine washable easy cleaning. Logo may fade or wear in drying machine so we recommend hanging to dry.


1 large reusable grocery bag

Show your support for Plastic Oceans Canada with our reusable shopping bag.


Additional information

Weight .16 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 3 cm

Run Against Plastic 2020

Canada’s largest clean-up in history

Join us for a national tour following Andy Sward and his 4th time running across Canada cleaning up litter across our beautiful country.

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