Are you interested in products that are plastic-free? Products that prevent harsh chemicals from entering sensitive ecosystems? So are we. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve partnered with Stream2Sea. Use our coupon code “plasticoceans” at Stream2Sea for 10% off your order! Shop HERE and Plastic Oceans Canada will receive a portion of the proceeds to support education and cleanup initiatives!

Earth is one awesome planet!  Every inch is a work of wonder.  At the heart of each member of the Stream2Sea team, there is an obsessive drive for discovery.  Scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, skiing… these are all part of our regular day-to-day living as a true necessity.  We just happen to be cosmetic chemists and environmentalists, too.  So when we considered the ingredients commonly used in our skincare products and that they affected not only our bodies but our planet too, we realized we could do better: we could create eco-conscious skincare products.

We don’t like plastic either!

That is why our tubes are made from sugarcane resins, our 32 oz bottles are made from recycled milk jugs, and our baggies are made with biodegradable and recyclable PLA film.  At Stream2Sea, we work hard to ensure that our products are safe not only for you and your family, but also for the sustainability of our planet.  To reduce our impact on the environment, we make sure that our packaging is as green and sustainable as the products themselves.

Partnering with Plastic Oceans Canada

This is why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Plastic Oceans!  As a Plastic Awareness Coalition, they utilize the power of film and other media to educate and inspire behavioral change on our worldwide plastic usage crisis.  Working in collaboration with like-minded organizations across Canada and other Plastic Oceans Foundations worldwide they are combining efforts to solve a global problem through local action!

Run Against Plastic 2020

Canada’s largest clean-up in history

Join us for a national tour following Andy Sward and his 4th time running across Canada cleaning up litter across our beautiful country.

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